Our Continued Response To COVID-19 For Our Communities And Our Projects

While this week sees the further lifting of restrictions in parts of the UK, many countries around the world continue to tackle COVID-19. This includes the places where we operate.

As our communities continue to tackle the pandemic, we are providing them with targeted programmes of support. We are also maintaining rigorous procedures to ensure the safe operation of our wind farms, all of which can also be operated remotely if required.

In particular, in recent months we have:

  • Maintained and ringfenced specific resources within our community investment plans for to tackle the coronavirus. These resources are available in case we need to respond to immediate pandemic-related needs in our communities.
  • Continued to support and invest in recovery efforts for communities looking ahead. This includes provision of mental health support services for communities in South Africa. We have also restarted wider community investment schemes that were hampered or postponed by initial lockdowns in 2020.
  • Maintained and regularly reviewed the protocols put in place for safe operations at our wind farms – both those in operation and under construction. Where there has been a need to strengthen protocols, this has been done so. For example, we recently instigated additional restrictions in the control room for our Taiba N’Diaye wind farm to limit the risks of virus transmission.
  • Monitored and maintained our stocks of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hygiene supplies, as well as ensuring supplies of critical spares are held at all our facilities.

Our recently published 2020 Sustainability Report includes further details of some of the specific programmes and measures that we have taken over the last 12 months. We will support our communities and maintain safe operation of our wind farms as the pandemic continues to evolve.