Life at Lekela: Gihan Montaser, Lekela Egypt

Lekela is an international organisation, with our people based in Senegal, Egypt, South Africa and the UK. We want to shine a light on the amazing work our people do across Africa and in Europe and hear directly from our employees on what life at Lekela is really like.

Over the coming months, we’ll be speaking to different employees across Lekela’s business to hear what they’re working on and what led them to this industry.

Today we’re speaking to Gihan Montaser, Administration Manager at Lekela Egypt. Gihan joined Lekela in 2018 and works in our Cairo office. Read below for some of Gihan’s thoughts on what led her to Lekela and what life at Lekela is really like.

What led you to a career in renewables and to Lekela?

I had been working in marketing for many years, but in 2018 I felt like I needed a career change. By chance, I happened to hear about Lekela, who were opening a new office in Egypt and were recruiting for an office manager. After learning more about Lekela and its work in renewable energy,  I became very excited to join the company  – I felt that by working for Lekela, I would not just be doing a job, but something bigger for Egypt, serving not only its economy but also its infrastructure.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

First of all, the working environment: I feel like my team is like my other family! I also love seeing and being part of Lekela’s success. Since my background and passions lie in events and branding, I also enjoy whenever I get a chance to work on those kinds of projects as part of my job. Recently I’ve also started a secondment with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) ahead of COP27, which I am very much enjoying.

What has it been like seeing West Bakr Wind Farm come to life over the past few years?

I have witnessed every stage of the project, from development to operations, which has been incredible to see. Now that the project has reached commercial operations, I feel so proud that I am a part of this outstanding entity. The project is a real example of team success – we all felt very proud to have worked and achieved our goal during the inauguration ceremony we held in March 2022 to celebrate West Bakr reaching commercial operations.

Tell us about your secondment to GWEC and what you’re hoping to achieve?

As COP27 is an international conference taking place in Egypt this year, it is an enormous honour to be involved – I was also very happy that Lekela had the confidence in me to be seconded to GWEC. My role with GWEC involves government stakeholder engagement to build recognition of the role of wind energy in the energy transition ahead of COP27. I support with events and activities in Egypt, such as the upcoming trip of kitesurfing champion and GWEC Ambassador Lewis Crathern to Egypt to promote wind energy. I will also be carrying out operational support, and supporting GWEC in the Blue Zone in Sharm el-Sheikh. We’ll have to wait until December to say how my work with GWEC has gone – wish me luck!

Is there anything else about your time at Lekela that you’d like to tell us about?

Lekela’s management and my team supported me when I had health issues, caring for me as if they were my family. That’s why for me, Lekela is much more than just an employer. I love Lekela and I’m very proud to be part of its family. I hope to see Lekela grow and to continue to be the biggest pure play renewables company in Africa and its work in Egypt developing and building projects.