Lekela and partners launch INSPIRE: Initiative for Social Performance in Renewable Energy

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Initiative for Social Performance in Renewable Energy (INSPIRE), led by Synergy Global Consulting and in partnership with Actis, BTE Renewables, South Africa Wind Energy Association and the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association. INSPIRE is a centre of excellence aiming to advance the field of social performance in South Africa’s renewable energy sector.

The renewable energy sector in South Africa is growing rapidly as the energy transition in South Africa picks up speed. Renewable energy projects can create significant positive socio-economic impact for South Africa, but as the industry develops, so does the regulatory environment in which these projects operate. Our goal is to help the growing renewables industry in South Africa maximise its ability to make transformative change through helping individuals in the industry develop the skills, knowledge, and innovations they need.

To begin our work, we held our launch event today asking our core question: “How can we enable renewable energy to deliver transformational socio-economic impact through empowering social performance practitioners?”  The event featured a keynote speech from Actis Partner and Fund Manager Lucy Heintz, as well as a panel discussion with Lekela’s Head of ESG, Jennifer Boca, and BTE Renewables Sustainability ESG Director, Libby Hirshon.

INSPIRE is a platform for learning, sharing knowledge, partnership and innovation. We want to teach organisations how to develop their social practices, conduct action-oriented research, build networks and create new and innovative processes and investments. INSPIRE is focused on South Africa, but with the wider goal of becoming a leading platform across the African continent and internationally.

Lekela currently has five wind farms in operation in South Africa. With every project we build, we go beyond energy, setting up community investment programmes to help build a lasting positive impact. Our projects last for over 20 years, making us long-term residents in the communities where we operate. Through INSPIRE, we hope to help create a just energy transition and improve how we deliver economic, social and environmental change for our communities in South Africa, as well as our other projects across Africa.