International Women’s Day Q&A: Meena-Allah Mubarak Mohamed, Amira Saied Mohamed Gad and Alaa Hassan, incoming interns at Lekela Egypt

This International Women’s Day, to celebrate women in energy, we’ve spoken to some of the fantastic and talented women who work across our portfolio of wind farms, as well as female community members, to understand more about their lives.

For the last post in our series this week, we caught up with Meena-Allah, Amira and Alaa, three incoming interns at our West Bakr Wind farm in Egypt. All three are residents of Ras Ghareb, just 30km from where the windfarm is being developed. These driven young women, who all graduated in 2020, tell us more about what made them decide to pursue engineering, and what they’re hoping to get out of their internship experience with our team.

Meena-Allah Mubarak Abbas Mohamed, Amira Saied Mohamed Gad and Alaa Hassan

Tell us more about why you chose to study engineering?

Meena-Allah Mubarak Abbas Mohamed: I was inspired to choose engineering as my major when I saw an engineering documentary from National Geographic Abu Dhabi. Impressed by learning about what engineers really do, their creativity and their ability to solve complex problems, I started to dream about becoming an engineer, further helped by my passion for maths and science.

I specifically chose to study Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering, because I’m interested in helping the world and my country use the abundant clean, renewable energy sources available in Egypt to generate electricity instead of relying on fossil fuels which harm our earth.


Amira Saied Mohamed Gad: I chose to be an engineer for the opportunity to work in a field that solves some of the world’s biggest challenges, like creating clean energy.

Studying engineering has changed my entire mindset – my thought process has changed as I have learned how to think like an engineer. My logical thinking has improved, as has my critical analysis and decision making. There are also so many opportunities to learn new things.

Engineering is, in my opinion, one of the most challenging, yet rewarding jobs in the world. It is difficult at times, but this has only forced me to grow as an individual through overcoming my challenges.


Alaa Hassan: I decided to become an engineer to prove that women can do anything than men can.

My love for mathematics and problem solving also naturally led me towards this field.


What do you expect to gain from joining Lekela’s internship program?

Menna-Allah Mubarak Abbas Mohamed: I expect to gain new skills, expand my network and learn more about the wind energy industry, in order to build on the theoretical background I have gained while studying with real life experience. It’s also a great opportunity to demonstrate what women in engineering can do, so I expect to get the training that will help me reach my potential and work in an environment that will allow me to showcase my skills.


Amira Saied Mohamed Gad:

I expect to gain insight into what the day-to-day job of an electrical engineer looks like, and learn about the roles and responsibilities of electrical engineers directly from people in the job. This experience will also greatly increase my confidence, while learning in a structured environment from experts in the field.

I also expect to be able to master essential professional soft skills like communication, punctuality and time management, while gaining experience of the culture of a workplace.


Alaa Hassan: I am looking forward to learning how a large business like Lekela works and gaining insight into this industry and business to start my career in electrical engineering.