• Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  • Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  • Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Egypt, Gulf of Suez

Energy Type

In November 2015, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) in the presence of President El-Sisi under which Lekela will develop, construct and operate a 250 megawatt wind farm as part of the Egyptian Government’s Build, Own, Operate framework.

The project has been in development since the signing of the MOU and is moving towards the start of construction targeting commencement during 2018. Development work being undertaken includes collection of wind data at site, environmental action plans, selection of equipment suppliers and contractors, securing land and relevant permits, and the arrangement of finance and capital to support the project.

The project is located on the Gulf of Suez approximately 30km North-West of Ras Ghareb in extremely windy conditions which will deliver high capacity factors and allow the wind farm to sell power to EETC at a competitive rate.

Environmental and Social Documentation

Lekela North ESIA (May 2018)
Lekela North Supplementary Social Baseline Assessment (June 2018)
Lekela North Community Feedback Procedure (July 2018)
Lekela North Stakeholder Engagement Plan (July 2018)
Lekela North OTL ESIA (August 2018)
Lekela North Critical Habitat Assessment (October 2018)
Lekela North Cumulative Effects Assessment (October 2018)
Lekela North ESMS Policy Manual (October 2018)
Lekela North ESRS (October 2018)
Lekela North IFC ESAP (October 2018)
Lekela North NTS (October 2018)
Lekela North_EBRD ESAP (October 2018)


Lekela North_ESIA ( دراست محددة لتقييم التأثيراث البيئيت بيئيت )
Lekela North_SBA ( التقييم الاجتماعي التكميلي )
Lekela North_CFP ( اجراءات التجاوب المجتمعي )
Lekela North_SEP ( خطة إشراك أصحاب المصلحة )
Lekela North_OTL ESIA ( دراست تقييم التأثيراث البيئيتم حددة لخطىط نقل )
Lekela North_CHA ( تقييم المواطن البيئية الحرجة )
Lekela North_CEA ( ات تحليل الآثار التراكمية )
Lekela North_ESMS ( نظام الإدارة البيئية والاجتماعية )
Lekela North_ESMS 4.4 ( إدارة مخاطر التنوّع البيئي )
Lekela North_NTS ( الملخص غير الفنى )
Lekela North_EBRD ESAP [Arabic] (October 2018)